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Ibanez TSA5 Tube Screamer

1x10 5W Guitar Combo

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We don't know why we didn't do it years ago: Tube Screamer, the overdrive pedal considered "absolutely mandatory" by a whole generation of guitarists, is now built right into the circuitry of our new series of a tube driven amplifiers. Perfectly matched with CELESTION® speakers, these TSAs can do it all. Clean, they produce a rich, clear tone. Drop ‘em down into overdrive and the tube saturation will delight the toughest of the old school tone snobs.

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  • 5W All tube combo
  • 1x10 inch Celestion Tube 10 Speaker
  • 1 x 12AX7(Pre)
  • 1 x 6V6(Power)
  • Genuine Tube Screamer circuit built into the front end

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