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Marshall JMP1 Combo

1x10 All Valve Anniversary Combo Amp

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As part of their 50th Anniversary celebration, Marshall announced the release of the JMP-1C 1x10" combo. A 1 Watt, all-tube combo amp that pays homage to the era of the 1970's Marshall tone and ascetics. One of two that are the second in a series of five Limited Edition pairings – each paying homage to one of the five decades that Marshall has been in business.

The Volume control sets the overall output volume of the amp, as well as its gain, for pleasing distortion as the tube stages within are gradually overdriven more and more. The Treble and Bass controls give you further tonal control so you can get the JMP sound that is perfect for you.

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  • True Class A, single-ended power-amp topology
  • Authentic JMP era tone
  • Volume, Bass and Treble controls
  • Low Power switch on the rear panel – a "neighbor friendly" feature that drops the output down from 1 Watt to 0.1 Watt
  • Gain Boost switch on rear panel – adding another tube stage to the signal path for more gain
  • Celestion 10" speaker
  • Era correct cosmetics, including gold Marshall script logo plus Super Lead detail and styling
  • Commemorative 50th Anniversary rear panel plaque.
  • 2 – 12AX7 pre-amp tubes and 2 – 12AT7 power tubes

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