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Black Lion Audio White Sparrow DAC

A/D Converter

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Black Lion Audio

Black Lion Audio proudly offers the Sparrow D/A converter. Designed around the 32 bit capable ESS9012 chip, the Sparrow D/A features wide dynamic range and detailed, musical conversion that's as functional in the project studio as it is in the mastering facility.

The Sparrow D/A features user selectable AES, coax SPDIF, and optical SPDIF for input connectivity. Output connections include both balanced XLR for pro studio, consumer level RCA for home stereo, and a high current Walt Jung-inspired headphone output. Two mute buttons allow for independent control of line or headphone signals. Front panel volume control governs headphone outputs, and line output level is fixed.

The Sparrow D/A converter is available in two platforms: red and white. The red model offers similar performance to our FM192 converter's D/A. The white Sparrow D/A features our most advanced clocking architecture, and is designed to be the counterpart to our white Sparrow mk2 A/D converter.

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MPN: BLA White Sparrow DAC

  • Superior Boutique Quality Yet Affordable
  • Designed Around the 32 bit ESS9012 Chip
  • Flexible Input and Output Capability
  • High Current Headphone Output
  • Similiar Performnace to the FM192
  • Independent Mute Buttons
  • Compact Design
  • Wide, Dynamic, and Detailed Output

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