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Hartke VX3500

350W 4x10in Bass Cabinet w/HF Driver

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The Ultimate Bass Combo - Hartke VX3500
For more than a decade the legendary Hartke 3500 bass amplifier has been driving the sound of all kinds of bass players, from jazz dudes to metal heads to punk rock superstars. Essentially unchanged since it was first designed, the 3500 has 350 watts of power, and a selectable solid state or tube preamp that lets you choose the fundamental sound you want.

It is one of Hartke’s best selling products ever. And for a reason: It’s loud, it sounds amazing, and it’s built to last!

Now, for the first time the 3500 is available as part of a combo. The VX3500 combo combines the classic 3500 with a killer new Hartke speaker cabinet. The VX3500 combo has four 10" Hartke VX speakers and a high frequency driver.

This is one LOUD combo. The VX3500 speaker cabinet is a true 4-ohm cabinet, which means that the 3500 is always delivering 350-watts to the speakers with deafening results.

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UPC: 809164003014

VX Speakers - A New Development From Hartke.
The speakers are made of a specially-treated and extremely rigid paper material, with impregnated fabric surrounds and matched convex dust caps all mounted on heavy duty steel frame. The high efficiency/low moving mass design allows for maximum output and plenty of headroom.

Perfect for aggressive rock styles, VX speakers proide a hard, broad, beefy tone, with a warmth reminiscent of vintage rock and roll amps and cabinets.

That’s why the new Hartke VX3500 cabinet is the ultimate combo bass amp. It’s loud, it sounds great, and it’s so well built, it will easily survive your Spring/Summer U.S. club tour.

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