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DG Cajon Bravo


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This cajón is a professional sounding instrument, made by applying the very basic and fundamental principles, in order to bring it to you at a very affordable price. It features the same front panel of the top of the range Yaquí model, a 2 mm extra thin four plies birch wood with a venneer stamped on top.

This wood composition is particularly flexible and allows an optimum response with the snare system, achieving an effective unity of sound between metal and wood. It also has the same first grade birch plywood body of all our cajons, the main difference with the rest of the catalogue is that it features a simplified snare mechanism, that does not allow quick snare replacement and independent fine tuning. So, apart for the maintenance side of the cajón (which enables strings substitution and tensioning), you get a top of the range sound. A fantastic chance to get the real cajón sound, powerful, defined, with an infectuous "sandy" quality to it. Choice of materials, striking looks and a great tone. Forget the crummy fake cheap entry level stuff, and enter the real cajón world from the main door!

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  • Size: 29x30x48 cm / 11.42x11.8 x18.9 inches
  • Body: 9 mm - 0.35 inches first quality birch plywood
  • Front panel: 2 mm - 0.78 inches first quality KoskiPly® birch plywood and Alpi® venneer
  • Back panel: 3 mm - 0.11 inches with sound hole reinforcement

  • Snare system: 2 steel core strings adjustable from the bottom with 6 strips of overtone control tape

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