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DG Cajon Siroco

Portable Cajon

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This is a special instrument that features the collaboration on equal terms of two different manufacturers: DG De Gregorio and J.Leiva Percussion.

modello Siroco - clicca per ingrandire

By joining forces and adding their brand new patented ideas they enthusiatically decided to offer the Siroco. The dismountable cajón patent of J.Leiva and our replaceable frontplate together for the ultimate travelling and performing instrument.

The Siroco reduces its size to almost a third, and fits in a 12 x 30 x 50 cms deep bag, just a little bigger than a laptop computer.

You can take the cajón inside the booth of an airplane, catch a train, run after a bus...

The mounting and dismounting operation takes less than a minute, and this amazing possibility does not affect the tonal qualities of the cajón, which are of the highest standard.

Its specific dismounting compact core contributes containing resonance, thus making it the perfect cajòn for touring situations, with different stages and michrophones every night. It also features removable snare systems, so it is bringing in another useful maintenance option. Provided with a padded carry bag and an extra free sound board.

Siroco, the most complete and versatile cajón on the market.

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  • Size: 29x30x48 cm - 11.42 x 11.81 x 18.9 inches
  • Body: 9 mm - 0.35 inches first quality birch plywood
  • Frame: solid pine wood.
  • Front panel: 2 mm - 0.98 inches first quality KoskiPly® birch plywood and Alpi® venneer
  • Extra panel: 3 mm - 0.11 inches first quality birch plywood
  • Back panel: 6 mm - 0.23 inches first quality birch plywood with edge reinforcements
  • Snare system: two individually adjustable and removable steel core strings, with 6 Velloc® overtone control strips

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