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Zaolla DCR7


Pro Quality s/pdif 7 feet

Product Code 6612

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DCR10 Pro Quality s/pdif 10 feet

A superior High-End Video interconnect.... We achieve true 75 Ohm by creating precision uniform cable geometry, using FPE, a special foam dielectric material. The result is a purer signal transmission with no jitter, and with dramatic reductions in phase-related high frequency signal anomalies.

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To protect that transmission, we employ redundant, triple EMI, RFI, and electrostatic shielding for 100% coverage. We use a single layer of OFC copper foil beneath two offset, overlapping precisely woven silver plated OFC pure copper braids, separated from each other by a nonconductive layer of friction reducing PTFE tape. There is simply no better shielding available to protect video transmission.

Our specially designed Turn-Tight RCA connectors feature a unique collet mechanism that will ensure maximum surface contact when seated. Center pin and crown are gold plated for outstanding signal transmission.


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