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Vestax PBS-4

Personal Live Web Broadcasting Video and Audio Mixer

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The PBS-4 is an easy to use all-in-one solution to broadcast live audio and live video sources on the internet.
Multiple audio and video sources can be mixed together, and instantly streamed online towards a world wide audience.
The USB output feeds the mixed audio and video to your computer and streams your content to any live streaming service including Ustream, Justin.tv, Livestream and more.

The PBS-4 is compact, travel friendly, and features a wide range of connections for your audio and video sources.
The simple interface and the quick setup features make the PBS-4 ideal for musical performances, live bands, DJs with video mixes, corporate events, seminars, e-learning, video game tutorials, church events, wedding parties, home TV studios, web radios and for any content you want to share live online.

The PBS-4 can also be used together with an audio and video capture software, to record your live content.

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  • x3 LINE IN Stereo RCA
  • x2 Neutrik Combo Jack (Mono)
  • x1 HDMI IN
  • x1 USB IN (Loop Back)

  • x1 Master Output Stereo RCA (Control Room)
  • x1 1/4" Headphone Jack


  • x4 VIDEO IN (Composite RCA)
  • x1 VGA IN(D-SUB15 pin)
  • x1 HDMI IN

  • x2 MASTER OUT (Composite / USB)
  • x1 PREVIEW OUT(Composite)

  • Composite: NTSC / PAL
  • VGA IN (NTSC) : 1024×768 (60Hz)
  • VGA IN (PAL) : 1024×768 (50Hz)
  • HDMI IN (NTSC): 720×480 (60Hz) *480p
  • HDMI IN (PAL) : 720×576(50Hz)*576p

  • 4:2:2 (Y:R-Y:B-Y), 8-bit, 13.5 MHz (ITU-R BT.656)

  • Composite: 1.0 Vp-p
  • Impedance: 75 ohms

  • Class: 2.0
  • Video Output Resolution: 720x480 (NTSC), 720x576 (PAL)
  • Audio ADC: 16bit/48kHz

  • Power Supply DC-6V 3A (Vestax SDC-6)
  • Power Consumption 7W (AC100V - 230V)
  • Dimention210(W) x 147(D) x 45(H)mm (excluding knobs)
  • 210(W) x 147(D) x 54(H)mm (including knobs)
  • Weight 950g

    -In order to target the consumer market, we have removed the frame synchronizer. Therefore, video noise on the output screen (mainly Composite output) may appear for a moment when switching video source due to the synchronisation of the video signal. Please be forewarned.
    -Driver installation is required for both Windows and Mac.
    -HD video images input via HDMI will be down converted to SD quality.
    -If connecting a video camera to PBS-4 via the HDMI input, only [NTSC: 480p, PAL: 576p] formats are supported. Ensure that your camera supports these formats, before connecting to PBS-4.
    -The input resolution of the VGA input of PBS-4 is fixed to [NTSC: 1024x768 (60Hz), PAL: 1024x768 (50Hz)]. If a source with higher resolution (e.g. laptop output) is connected to this input, the video resolution will be reduced to this value.
    -When selecting a video channel that has no input (i.e. not connected to video devices such as cameras or DVD players) it will appear as a blank screen in your broadcast, and video noise may appear when switching back to other video channels.
    -When inputting a HDMI source, a small blank area (black frame) may appear on the side of the screen.
    -When inputting a VGA source, a small blank area (black frame) may appear on the side of the screen, or one side of the VGA source may be hidden.
    -Depending on the computer, gray lines may be reflected at the top and bottom of the USB output screen.

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