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HarpArm Hands-Free Harmonica Playing

Versatile Adujstable Professional Hands-Free Harmonica Playing

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The HarpArmTM also works with all stainless steel, plastic, and wood harmonicas with the use of the included HarpStripTM. A great value for any harp player. The HarpArmTM is a perfect complimentary product for music stores with harmonicas, boom stands, microphone stands, etc. The HarpArmTM telescopes to 12 inches.

The HarpArmTM enhances the enjoyment, performance, playability and learning experience of:

  • Guitar players
  • Hand percussion players
  • Singers
  • People who just want to learn harmonica

    This is a revolutionary product that enhances the comfort of harmonica players worldwide. It also greatly expands the popularity of playing the harmonica, especially as an added instrument, by giving the player much more freedom of movement and expression than they ever had in the past.

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  • MPN: HA-16
    UPC: 852660747777

    • Hands free harmonica playing, with no neck apparatus and no upper body fatigue!
    • Works with all standard harmonicas and microphone stands.
    • The included HarpStripTM secures harmonicas that do not contain iron-based steel.
    • The HarpArmTM has five (5) different ways to adjust for ultimate flexibility.
    • Secure & functional – the rare-earth magnets secure the harmonica in its place.
    • Convenience – optimized magnetic strength allows for instant harmonica changes.
    • Tonality – the adjustability allows for the precise control of the harp/vocal mix.
    • Adaptability – The HarpArmTM is easily lowered to rest alongside the mic stand when it is not being used.

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