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Silverstein Clarinet Ligature

Hand-Crafted Ligature for Clarinet

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"Individually hand-crafted with the finest materials,
Silverstein Works™ presents the last ligature you will ever need."

Silverstein Works understands the journey shared by all musicians and what perfection means to them. A musician by nature is a perfectionist, always reaching for that which will always remain out of reach. Therein lies the true artistry and conflict of the musician who gives an instrument its voice. The right sound, the right pitch, the right inflection, tone, breath, response – the desire to always improve and perfect the sound, your sound, is a never-ending journey. In this journey the right instrument is like an extension of your own body; it should respond in exactly the way you want it to. You train it; you explore it and allow it to take part in the sound's artistry.

Our goal is not to make a simple product but to help create that experience, unrestrained by anything other than your own desire. The creators and contributors of our products understand what it takes to shape instruments and accessories that can help unlock your full potential while staying out of your way.

Silverstein Works and the Silverstein Ligature were born not out of the need to be perfect, but to enjoy and relish the pursuit of perfection.

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  • Size 3"H, 1.5"W, 2"D

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