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Peavey Kosmos-M

Sub-Harmonic Generation Technology

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The rackmountable Kosmos V2 drastically improves the listening experience in any space with any sound system. Peavey's Kosmos is a dynamic phasing technology that manipulates low and high frequencies to deepen bass and widen highs through phasing rather than equalization, and helps mask the comb-filtering problems common in live sound productions. Replace lost atmosphere and stereo separation as well as that kick in the gut bass that gets lost in the normal system chain.

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MPN: 03001410
UPC: 0143671477044

Kosmos sub-harmonic generation technology
XLR mic input
Phantom power or 15 VDC input (option)
Power supply not included.
Weight Unpacked: 0.44 lb(0.2 kg)

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