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Fender LTD Bass VI Candy Apple Red

6-String Baritone Electric Guitar / Bass

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The FENDERĀ® 2013 LTD Bass VI is descended from the historic Bass VI (1961-1975) that was embraced by guitar and bass luminaries alike. Jack Bruce played one in the early days of Cream. George Harrison sported one in the Beatles' "Hey Jude" video. For this limited run, Fender has updated the baritone classic with Japan "JG" Vintage pickups, vintage-size frets, and original wiring. If you want unique textures for your music, the 2013 LTD Bass VI will do the trick.

Whether you consider the Fender 2013 LTD Bass VI a baritone guitar or a bass, it will bring amazing new textures to your music. Are you a guitarist? With its E-E tuning (an octave below the guitar) the Bass VI will be a seamless transition for you. From subtle to in-your-face, the Fender 2013 LTD Bass VI is your ticket to new musical frontiers.

With its 30" scale and fast maple neck, your fingers will fly on the Fender 2013 LTD Bass VI. And the buttery rosewood fingerboard, vintage-size frets, and .024-.084-gauge strings certainly do their part to keep your fretting hand nimble. Execute single-note runs at ludicrous speed. Launch runs that start in the basement and end in the attic. And yes - by all means, play bass lines! But don't ignore harmony. Discover new chord voicings - even double stops take on a whole new dimension with the Bass VI. But don't stop there: put up a wall of sound with huge, thick chords. With the Fender 2013 LTD Bass VI, the sky's the limit.

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MPN: 0250021509
UPC: 885978354566

  • Special limited reissue of the Fender Bass VI (1961-1975)
  • Comfortable, toneful contoured alder body; 30" scale length
  • Fast maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and 21 vintage-size frets
  • Japan "JG" Vintage pickups
  • Made in Japan
  • Part Number 0250021509

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