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Jekyll & Hyde

Ultimate Overdrive

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With incredible tone and the power of two independent pedals in one box (and then some!), the Jekyll & Hyde from Visual Sound is one of the most impressive overdrive pedals heard in a while. This split-personality pedal provides two distinctly different sounds with a natural "break-up" that ranges from creamy to full metal jacket. If you REALLY want some tone, switch both pedals on at the same time and step up to extreme sustain and saturation. Construction is bulletproof with a durable steel chassis. Powered by 9V battery or a standard 9V (regulated) adapter (Boss PSA120, Ibanez AC109, etc.)

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* 2 channels contain almost any overdrive or distortion sound you could ever want.

* "Jekyll" channel sounds like the original TS808 and even uses the JRC4558 op-amp.

* "Hyde" channel goes from blues to metal and everything in between.

* EQ knob on Hyde changes from a flat EQ to a wild scooped mids sound, while the Sharp/Blunt switch allows you to get a very bright or more compressed sound.

* Combine the channels for hot blues, raging rock, or molten metal leads!

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