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Mighty Moe M1 Mighty Moe Amp Strap - Brown

Guitar Strap with built in Amplifier

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Mighty Moe

Introducing the Mighty Moe Amp Strap, the most portable amplifier in the world! A comfy 21/2" boot-leather strap supports your guitar while a dedicated cable connects to the Mightytoneâ„¢ Amp and Speaker. Featuring both clear and overdrive channels, the patented Mighty Moe goes up to nine hours on a single 9 volt battery and provides a big volume boost for both solid body and acoustic/electric guitars. For quiet practicing, a 1/8" jack for your headset cancels Mighty Moe's speaker. Mobility and portability are what this product is really about. It's perfect for travel, practice, jamming and even performing. Walk n' Roll!

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- 2 1/2" Wide Adjustable Leather Strap
- Robust Mighty Tone Amp with 3" Speaker in a Sleek Contoured Enclosure
- Hard-Wired Signal Cable with Reticular Stretches to 15"
- Right Angle 1/4" Plug Adapts to 98% of All Electric and Acoustic/Electric Guitars and Mandolins
- Headphone Jack - Cancels Speaker
- On/Off/Volume Dial Controller
- Overdrive Intensity Dial Controller
- LED "On" Indicator
- Weighs 11oz .33 kg
- Tote Included

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