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Peavey AT200 Break Out Cable

MIDI Update Cable For AT200 Auto-Tune Guitar

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Peavey's AT-200 MIDI Update Cable lets you connect your AT-200 Auto-Tune guitar to your computer without the optional AT-200B Breakout Box. The AT-200 MIDI Update Cable is incredibly easy to use. One end features an 8-pin DIN connection that matches the data jack on your AT-200 Auto-Tune guitar. On the other end, there's a MIDI in and a MIDI out connection. Just hook these up to your standard MIDI interface, and you're good to go.

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MPN: 03017770
UPC: 0014367621488

  • Connect the 8 pin connector to yoru AT-200 guitar
  • Connect the dual 5 pin connectors to your computers MIDI interface
  • Visit http://guitar.auto-tune.com to complete the upgrade process

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