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Carl Martin TOD - Classic Series

High Gane Overdrive Pedal

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Carl Martin

The Carl Martin TOD Overdrive pedal was originally designed as a limited edition Dizzy drive pedal for a top Dutch band. As it happened, Carl Martin actually created an amazingly versatile overdrive pedal which they immediately put into production.

The Drive knob adjusts the amount of overdrive from light crunch; at full counter-clockwise, to maximum overdrive, with loads of sustain at full clockwise. By using the Level control in conjunction with the Drive, you have complete control of this classic 80's overdrive effect! Keep the Drive lower and boost up the level for those intense edgy tones that make you think your amp is on steroids, or crank up the drive and get lost in loads of loads of overdrive that still seem to cut through live and recorded mixes!

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UPC: 852940000592

  • Classic Series Overdrive Pedal
  • Based On the Limited Edition Dizzy Drive Pedal
  • Level, Tone, Drive & Edge Controls
  • Edge Control is a Midrange / Presence Filter
  • Active Buffered Bypass Switch For No Tone Loss
  • 9V DC

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