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Marshall DSL15C Refurbished

15-Watt 2-Channel Combo Amplifier

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Marshall Amplification are pleased to announce the launch of the new DSL range. Aimed at the mid market, the new DSL retains all the classic Marshall valve tone from the previous JCM2000 flagship, but is delivered in a different format with classic yet modern looks, upgraded features, and a great price tag.
The new DSL is offered as a 100 Watt head (DSL100H), 40 Watt combo (DSL40C), 15 Watt combo (DSL15C) and 15 Watt head (DSL15H). Features include a new pentode/triode switch on all models to halve output and adjust the overall character of the sound. There is also the classic "toneshift" button for changing the mid character of the amp, and deep switch (replaced by a variable resonance control on the 40W and 100W models) for extra bass response.
High quality digital reverb is also featured on the 15W combo, 40W combo and 100W head, the latter two models benefitting from independent reverb controls assigned to each channel. These new features, paired with classic tone, bring the DSL right up to date.
With everything from sparkly clean, classic crunch to full-on high gain Marshall roar, these amps are the epitome of Marshall tone powered by EL34 (DSL100H & DSL40C) and 6V6 valves (DSL15H & DSL15C).

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UPC: 5030463304396

  • 15 Watt Combo
  • 2 Channels (Classic Gain, Ultra Gain) With Independent Volume/Gain Controls
  • 6V6 Valve Power Stage
  • Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence Controls
  • Tone Shift Button
  • Deep Switch
  • Pentode/Triode Switch
  • Custom Voiced Digital Reverb
  • Footswitch Included -for channel change and reverb on/off
  • 12" Custom Voiced Celestion Speaker


*A factory repack with a full warranty. Product may have minor flaws or cosmetic imperfections.

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