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Marshall Limited Edition Custom Shop Western Vinyl Stack

1936 150w 2x12 Cabinet and JCM800 2203 Guitar Amplifier Head

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Special, limited edition custom shop outfit featuring a Western Vinyl and Biscuit Fret look - Only 50 sets made!

CS2203CB Head
The all-valve JCM800 2203 is one of the most highly respected 100W Marshall heads in the company's long history.

CS1936VCB Cabinet
A classic 2 x12 speaker cabinet from Marshall Amplification.

Designed top offer guitarists great power handling and tone whilst maintaining a more compact cabinet size the 1936 is the perfect speaker cabinet for guitarists looking to harness the most from their amplifier combo or head without a full or half stack set up.

The 1936 is loaded with Celestion G12-75 speakers the same used in the larger iconic 1960 cabinet these combine a huge, tightly controlled low-end and aggressive mid-range with a softened top-end that adds a welcome sweetness to overdrive, distortion and aggressive upper harmonics.

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MPN: CS2203CB-01-U CS1936VCB-E

    CS2203CB Head
  • All-valve
  • 100W
  • Covered in Western vinyl and Biscuit fret
  • 4x EL34 Power amp valves
  • 3x ECC83 Preamp valves
  • 3-band EQ
  • True Bypass FX loop

    CS1936VCB Cabinet
  • 150w
  • 2x12 inch
  • Fits full size head
  • 16 ohms stereo/8 ohms mono
  • Loaded with two 75w Celestion G12T-75 12-inch speakers

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