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Ashdown CTM-100 - Demo / Display

100 Watt All Tube Bass Amp Head

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Inspired by classic tube bass amps but with modern features and performance, the Ashdown CTM-100 tube bass amp head is built to perform night after night. It's got the tonal range to cover everything from smooth, warm and clean(mellow push button engaged), to overdriven and growling with the gain cranked. You'll get plenty of punch, power, and headroom for small- to medium-size gigs from the CTM-100's power section, which packs two 6550 power tubes. In addition to standard tone controls, you can fine-tune your perfect tone with Deep, Mid Shift, and Bright switches. For a solid tonal foundation for your bass rig, it's hard to beat the rugged Ashdown CTM-100 tube bass amp.

Built for powerful, rugged performance
You'll know you're working with the real deal even before you plug your favorite bass guitar into the Ashdown CTM-100. Handbuilt in the UK, the CTM-100 sports an 18mm marine-grade birch-ply cabinet for unbeatable durability on the road. An internal cooling fan keeps the temperature in check for reliable performance at every gig.

Extensive tone shaping capabilities
From mellow '60s bass tone to growling '70s-style bass, straight through to thick and powerful modern tone, you can cover a ton of sonic territory with the Ashdown CTM-100. Standard tone controls give you a wide range of sweet sounds, while Deep, Mid Shift, and Bright switches let you fine-tune your tone. Dual power amp tubes give you incredible punch, impact, and headroom.

Amazing direct tone with tube-driven DI output
Don't worry, your tone won't suffer if you plug your Ashdown CTM-100 directly into your sound system or recording interface. The CTM-100's tube-driven, transformer-derived DI output has an isolated ground so you get maximum sonic purity from this convenient direct connection.

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UPC: 640522003532

  • Heavy duty construction for life on the road
  • Extensive tone shaping capabilities
  • Amazing direct tone with tube-driven DI output
  • VU Bias meter - means no more trips to a tech when changing tubes
  • 100-watt tube bass amp head with tube-driven, transformer-derived DI output
  • Perfect for live performance and direct recording
  • Two KT-88 power amp tubes for amazing punch, impact, and headroom
  • Tube-driven effects loop makes it easy to enhance your tone
  • Dual-function front panel VU meter
  • Dual inputs for active and passive basses

  • Power Output (RMS): 100 Watt
  • Power Requirement: 115-240 Votls
  • Speaker Outputs: 3 x Speakon/Jack 8/4/2 Ohm
  • DI Output: Valve Driven Transformer Derived
  • Impedance: Minimum Impedance 2 Ohm
  • EQ: Passive EQ Section. Bass, Middle and Trebble plus
  • shape push buttons
  • Effects Send: Jack
  • Effects Return: Jack
  • Pre-Amp Tubes: 2 x Ecc83/12ax7 2 x Ecc82/12au7 1 x Ecc99
  • Output Tubes: 2 x KT88
  • Weight (kg): 19Kg


Demo Model- Perfect complete New Condition!

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