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Electro Boom

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Afraid of blowing your speakers apart and reducing the world around you to a throbbing puddle of smoking goo? If so, this is NOT the virtual instrument for you!

Go Boom!
SONiVOX follows up its ground breaking hip-hop virtual instrument Playa with Aggro Electro Boom.... a Playa style virtual instrument that serves you up some seriously aggressive, electronic, and boomin' hip hop instruments. Sounds that give you the power to easily create and compose earth-quaking, body shaking tracks. Whether you're using a midi keyboard, MPC pad controller, or just your computer desktop, Playa: Aggro Electro Boom will have you busting some serious contemporary beats.

With over 4GBs of sounds, 450 different instruments and pad layouts, and utilizing the most intuitive Virtual Instrument interface known to man, Playa: Aggro Electro Boom will unleash the explosive power you need to rain your creative fire down upon the powerless masses. Got Boom?

The Sounds
Playa: Aggro Electro Boom comes with over 4 Gigabytes and 450 brand new cutting edge instruments and pad layouts, all meticulously produced by SONiVOX's award-winning sound design team. Born from vintage analogue synthesizers and hi-end signal processors, these sounds sit perfect in today's high-end music tracks. Treat your music to the most aggressive leads, fat analogue basses, electro drums & psychedelic pads. It's what's hot, and most importantly, it's what will make your tracks win.

4+ Gigabytes of Samples 400+ Instruments 50+ Pad Layouts

The Playa Interface
Learn. Map. Create. It's that easy. 16 programmable pads and 127 keys provide all you need to keep the creative process going and you don't need a doctorate to use it. Need more bump? No problem. Playa: Aggro Electro Boom incorporates an intuitive sound layering functionality allowing you to easily stack sounds until its just right. Need more groove? Dial up the re-triggering mode, and take master control of those fast tempo or stuttering articulations. FX? Aggro Electro's got you covered - a sweet chorus, delay and a just-right 4 band EQ. For those of you with tweaky fingers we've even included fully programmable filter and amplitude envelopes. Bottom line, whether you are composing on MPC pads or jamming out on the keys, Aggro Electro's engine will have you laying down top selling music tracks in no time.

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  • 16 User Programmable and Assignable Pads For quick and easy MPC style beat construction.
  • Over 50 Pad layouts. Playa gets you going rite away with its construction kit layouts, diatonic chord layouts, drum kits, or build your own if you like.
  • MIDI Learn Function. Playa is instantly compatible with any MIDI controller.
  • Independent Zone Tempo Synched Variable Resolution Roll/Retrigger . Tempo sync note repetitions and rolls to any pad.
  • Keys Mode For standard keyboard play/performance.
  • User Editable Envelope & Filter Controls
  • PC Standalone, VST and RTAS Compatibility. MAC Standalone, AU, VST, and RTAS Compatibility.

    Windows System Requirements
  • Windows 7, XP, or Vista
  • Pentium IV 2.0 GHz Processor or AMD 1500 XP
  • MME Compatible Audio Hardware ASIO Compatible Audio Hardware Recommended
  • Minimum 512mb RAM 2GB Recommended
  • A VST or RTAS compatible host application (not required for Stand-Alone Mode)
  • 5 GB free hard drive space

    Apple System Requirements
  • OS X Version 10.4.1 or higher
  • Intel Based Processor
  • Minimum 512mb RAM 2GB Recommended
  • A VST, AU or RTAS compatible host application (not required for Stand-Alone Mode)
  • 5 GB free hard drive space

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