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Tama MM5W

Stage Master Hardware Pack Including Iron Cobra 200 Pedal

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HP200P Iron Cobra 200 Pedal
The Iron Cobra 200 series was developed with the same design concepts as the Iron Cobra 900 series, and offers high performance at an affordable price. The Power Glide cam shape provides a smooth, light feel without sacrificing power or speed. And both the HP200P and HP200PTW can be fitted with TAMA's Cobra Coil for an even faster footboard return.

HH35W Stage Master Hi-Hat Stand
The new Tama HH35W Hi Hat stand has all the pro features you want without paying the pro price. The double braced legs guarantee durability making it the perfect addition to any pocket kit or pro stage kit.

Two HC33BW Stagemaster Boom Cymbal Stand
The Tama HC33BW Stage Master Boom Cymbal Stand features a convertible boom arm with a length of 15-3/4". The Quick Set tilter allow for a precise cymbal angle and the double braced legs provide stability and security. The noiseless design means you will not get any extra ring from the stand when you hit the drums around it. This is truly a great stand to have in your kit.

HS30W Double Braced Snare Stand
The double braced Tama HS30W features a swiveling basket for great positioning options, as well as escape claws to make quick changes. Suitable for 12 inch to 14 inch diameter snare drums.

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UPC: 887802015414

    HP200P Iron Cobra 200 Pedal
  • Power Glide Cam: The Iron Cobra 200 series drum pedals' single chain pedals utilize the same offset cam shape as TAMA's best selling Iron Cobra 900 series Power Glide.
  • Beater Angle Adjustment: You won't find adjustable beater/footboard angles on most pedals in this price range. But our HP200P comes standard with an angle adjustment system linked to the footboard angle.
  • Spring Tension Adjustment: Inspired by Iron Cobra 900 series drum pedals' "Spring Tight" feature, this specially shaped nut prevents the spring unit from loosening.
  • Spring Tight (US. PAT.NO.5365824): Twisting springs severely reduce pedal smoothness. Spring Tight, a clever half-moon shaped spring tension rod, keeps the spring from twisting so there's never any loss of power transmission.

    HH35W Stage Master Hi-Hat Stand
  • Since the foot pedal can be rotated around the tripod base, the Swivel Foot feature greatly expands floor space and set-up flexibility.
  • No more hi-hat rods getting bent out of shape during transport! With Spare-The-Rod, you can save your hi-hat rod from the rigors of the road by packing it in the specially designed upper tube section pipe.
  • The rubber insulator at the end of the rod prevents the rod from loosening as well as the noise cause by metal-to-metal contact.
  • The plastic cover protects the chain from toe action and vice versa.
  • When the T-nut is tightened, the clutch fixes the rod at three different positions, help tighten the rod efficiently and durably.

    Two HC33BW Stagemaster Boom Cymbal Stand
  • Convertible boom arm
  • Length: 15.75"
  • Double braced legs

    HS30W Double Braced Snare Stand
  • The snare basket rotates independently, so you don't have to loosen the basket when moving the strainer to the desired position.
  • The universal tilter securely holds its position with metal-plate friction instead of traditional gears so you can adjust it to any angle you desire.
  • The "Escape Claws" rubber cushions support the snare drum by "floating" on the metal support arms for improved resonance. In addition, they help reduce fatigue by softening the impact on your arms and wrists while playing the snare drum.
  • Height adjustment range: 640mm - 800mm (25 1/4 in. - 31 1/2 in.)

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