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Logjam Travelog

Tiny And Stompingly Good Bass Pedal

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There are those that have asked us to create a really small version of our old favourite "The Log" and so we've come up with Travelog. Not least of those is Italian guitar virtuoso Massimo Varini whose logo adorns the stomping surface.

The Travelog will fit into the accessories compartment in any average guitar case and weighs in at a mere 400 grams.

Travelog is our baby stomper. It will fit neatly into the central pocket of a hard guitar case. It is very handy for almost any type of musician (i.e. Cajon, Keyboard, Guitar players, etc.) Because it is compact, it has only one tone, as the width does not allow for tonal variation like the Logarhythm. It is nevertheless very effective. The dynamic mic capsule is high quality and the output socket is standard 1/4 inch mono jack as with all our other models. It features a non-slip base which is again, a common feature. It is made from solid Sapele (a type of mahogany). All 3 models sound best when played through a P.A. System or Bass Amp

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UPC: 5060251531284

  • Light,and portable.
  • Non-slip gauze base.
  • Neutrik output socket as standard.
  • 3 year guarantee .
  • Dimensions: 125 X 116 X 45 mm
  • Made from solid Sapele.
  • Weight:400g (may vary a little)

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