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Ddrums Dios Maple 5-Piece Yellow Black Fade Sparkle

5-Piece North American Maple Drum Shell Kit

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For the discerning professional, looking to take the next step in their musical journey; the Dios series. The M and Fade Series feature thin, all-maple shells, combined with low mass bullet lugs, and 2.3 triple flanged hoops, for the ultimate in resonant tone.

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MPN: DS MP 22 5 YB

  • Configuration: 7X10TT,8X12TT, 14X16FT, 20X22BD, 6X14SD
  • Shells: 100% North American Maple
  • 6 ply tom 7X10
  • 6 ply tom 8X12
  • 6 ply floor tom 14X16
  • 8 ply bass drum 20X22
  • 6 ply snare drum 6X14
  • Lug Type: Tube
  • Hoop Spec: 2.3 MM Triple Flange

    * Includes Drums only and Tom Mounting Accessories

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