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Quantegy Single Blank CDR Disc

Single Blank CDR Disc

Blank CDR Disc

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Whether you are working in an Audio studio cutting demos and distribution masters or recording the latest revision to your company’s CD-ROM, Quantegy has the CDR that meets your needs.

All Quantegy CDRs conform to the standards of the Orange Book for Recordable Compact Discs and the ISO 9660 Standard. This allows the Quantegy CDR media to be recorded with CD-Audio or any CD-ROM programming formats. Quantegy CDRs can also be used to record Extended Architecture CD-ROM XA, and CD-1 Interactive titles. Ouantegy CDRs are made so precisely that they are fully certified for use on high speed recorders that record from 1 X to 6X normal play speed. This will cut down on production time and leave the user with more time to be creative.

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All Quantegy CDRs utilize a special top surface data shield to protect the disc from scratches and abrasions that might add errors to the recording. The durable shield also serves as a chemical barrier and allows the user to utilize any felt or soft tipped pen to record the user information on the printed surface. Quantegy CDRs are manufactured with pthalocyanine dye that is more stable in high heat and high humidity conditions than the dye used in many other discs. These two features assure the user of long life in real life conditions.

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