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Yamaha SB7X

Silent Brass System for Trumpet & Cornet

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Yamaha pioneered the Silent Brass system in response to a need for a quieter way for trumpet players to practice and to warm up. Performing trumpet players who need to hit the stage warmed up can benefit significantly from the SB7XC Silent Brass system.

Simply go through your warm-up routine backstage or side stage as you normally would. The acoustic volume of a trumpet using the SB7XC is negligible, and is appropriate even for quiet classical performance halls or anywhere else a practice mute is commonly used.

The difference between a practice mute and the Silent Brass system in a warm-up context is twofold. The resistance from the Silent Brass system more closely approximates an open trumpet than does a practice mute. The trumpet player does not have to make an adjustment for the frame of reference difference between practice and performance. Additionally, the engagement a player feels when hearing the full and glorious timbre of his or her instrument relative to the thin, pinched tone of a practice mute is a quantum improvement.

If you've ever played through a practice mute, you know that it's pretty hard to get excited about the sound. Imagine if you could achieve the same results as a practice mute, but do so while having a satisfying musical experience.

The other primary application for the Silent Brass family of products is as a practice device when the volume of a trumpet is unwelcome. If you live in an apartment building with close neighbors, roommates, or even in a house with family whose patience is wearing thin, the Yamaha SB7XC may be the perfect solution. Under headphones you hear the thrilling timbre of a trumpet, placed in a reverberant concert hall.

Any instrument requires conditioning, and if every time you practice, you feel like you're inconveniencing people, it is hard to put in the time necessary to achieve the results you want. Whether you are in a school setting, an apartment building or just in a close neighborhood, taming the mighty acoustic sound of a trumpet may be just what you need to get you the practice time you've been seeking.

Additionally, you can patch external sound sources into the SB7CX and play along with your favorite artists or "music minus one" recordings. It has a broad effects palette as well, and is excellent for direct recording. It is an ideal accessory for any active trumpet player.

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UPC: 888365081175

  • Dramatic sound reduction
  • Natural playing feel
  • Stunning, engaging, satisfying sound
  • Audio input for practicing with recordings
  • Audio output for recording and performing

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