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Omnirax Synergy 800 - Black

Synergy 800 - Black

8-foot Luxury Console Workdesk

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The Omnirax Synergy Series of professional mixing consoles is designed to provide you with optimum flexibility to house any of today’s popular mixing boards in the widest range of possible configurations. Synergy’s surprising affordability gives you the opportunity to add "WOW FACTOR!" to your studio right now.

Synergy’s simple modular system consists of :
1) three sizes of versatile Base Consoles
2) numerous mixer specific Filler Kits
3) standard black or optional solid mahogany Cheeks

1) Synergy Base Consoles are available in three lengths:
Synergy 600 (6 feet +)
Synergy 800 (8 feet +)
Synergy 1000 (10 feet +)
Each Base Console includes one 12-space rack bay, which attaches to its right side. The rack bay has 4 vertical rack spaces positioned above 8 horizontal spaces angled to match the Synergy’s profile.
2) Mixer specific Filler Kits fill in the empty space around your mixing board when situated in one of our three Base Consoles. Kits may include any or all of the following components:
A) Blocks are used as "feet" under the mixing board to align the angle of the board with the Synergy’s sloping sides.
B) Spacers fill in excess space between mixers and rack bays, creating a tight clean look. They are 3/4" or 1" wide and match the Synergy’s profile.
C) An -additional rack bay will always be part of a Kit when there is enough space to accommodate one.
D) Panels are flat surfaces used in combination with Spacers when the space to be filled in is enough to create a handy writing surface (for notes, track sheets etc.) but not enough for an additional rack bay. Panels measure from 2" - 18" wide.

3) "Cheeks" are side panels which attach to the outside of the Synergy’s sloping sides adding to its sleek design and commanding presence. Each Synergy comes standard with black melamine "Cheeks" If you prefer the elegance of hand-crafted solid mahogany "Cheeks", they can be ordered separately to replace the standard black ones. We only use mahogany that is certified by the Brazilian Environmental and Renewable Resource Institute (IBAMA).

* For custom quotes on other colors/options please call 1-800-878-8882

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MPN: S800

Which Synergy is right for you? Simply consider:

Which mixing board or boards do you have now?
Which mixing board or boards do you plan to have in the future?
How many rack spaces of additional gear would you like to house along with your board(s) in your "Synergy" console?
What is the size and shape of your room?
What is your budget?
It is wise to plan ahead in order to take advantage of one of Synergy’s best features. By initially choosing a Base Console that is long enough, if you upgrade by adding or changing boards, your existing Synergy can be inexpensively reconfigured with a new Filler Kit.

We are continually designing new Filler Kits that conform to newly released state of the art mixing boards and a myriad of new configurations. If you don’t see what you think you need here, that in no way means that it’s not available. So, if you would like some help in figuring out the best Synergy solution for your particular mixing needs, just give us a call at 1-800-878-8882.

Please call for available configurations for your mixers.
355 lbs

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