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Roland VG-88 v2

C.O.S.M. based guitar modeling processor

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The new VG-88 Version 2.0 software takes this revolutionary guitar and amp modeling system to all-new heights. For starters, there are three new COSM guitar models including Sitar, Wave Synth and an even more realistic nylon guitar. There is no shortage of amp models either - 18 new amps total! Version 2.0 also adds entirely new features to the VG-88’s repertoire, such as Defretter and Uni-V effects, plus five types of COSM wah models and more. The future of guitar has never looked better.

Amazing New Guitar and Amp Models
Plug in your GK-equipped guitar and you’ll get three new guitar models including the analog-style Wave Synth, Middle-Eastern Sitar, and the incredible Nylon II model. Eighteen new amps have also been added, bringing the total up to 32 amp models. These include Jazz Combo, Match Lead, Tweed, and new R-Fier models like R-Fier Orange and Red.

All-New Effects and System Updates
Want more? The new Defretter effect makes your guitar sound like a fretless, while Uni-V creates cool phase-shifted vibrato effects. Version 2.0 even adds new COSM Wah models including favorites like Cry Wah, VO Wah and 7STR Wah. System enhancements include new SYSEX control capabilities and Auto GK Detection for true ’plug-n-play’ operation.

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* Software update for Roland VG-88 V-Guitar System
* 3 new COSM guitar models: Wave Synth, Sitar and Nylon II
* 18 new COSM amp models including combos and stacks from vintage to modern
* Defretter effect creates instant fretless guitar sounds
* Uni-V effect produces vintage swirling rotary sounds
* New COSM wah modeling re-creates 5 classic wah pedals
* Auto GK Detection allows instant connection of standard electrics
* External control now possible via System Exclusive messages

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