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Linn LinnStrument 128

Polyphonic 2-Track Step Sequencer

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Meet LinnStrument, an expressive MIDI controller for musical performance.
Unlike the simple on/off switches of a standard MIDI keyboard, LinnStrument's RGB-backlit note pads sense each finger's subtle movements in five ways, enabling musical performance expression rivaling that of fine acoustic instruments.

How are the notes arranged? Why not a piano note arrangement?
The piano's note arrangement is great for turning a sound on and off, but its uneven pitch intervals and rear-positioned black keys make it ill-suited for performing natural pitch bends and slides, an important element of violin, sax or guitar performance. And the piano keyboard isn't isomorphic-- for each chord or scale, you must learn 12 different fingerings, one for each of the 12 musical keys.

Stringed instruments don't have any of these problems because the physics of a string requires the semitones to be uniformly spaced and positioned. So LinnStrument's notes are arranged as on any stringed instrument. Each row is a series of consecutive semitones, and you can tune the rows like a guitar, violin or however you wish. By default they are tuned in musical fourths (5 semitones), like a bass guitar with 8 strings.

To make it easy to find the right notes, the naturals (C, D, E, F, G, A and B) are lit, with all the C notes lit in a different color. Alternatively, you can light any scale and in any of 10 colors.

About LinnStrument's smart MIDI...
Works with every MIDI synth, and even better with new MPE synths
LinnStrument sends standard MIDI messages over its USB or MIDI output jacks, and is configured by default to work out-of-the-box with every MIDI sound generator in existence, polyphonically and with the advantages over a MIDI keyboard of performed vibrato and note-to-note pitch slides.

For fully polyphonic expressive control, you'll need a synth that's compatible with MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression), a new MIDI standard for connecting expressive controllers and synths over standard MIDI. It's already supported in quite a few major software instruments. We even include a free sounds file for Apple's MainStage and Logic, plus a free license for Bitwig 8-Track, whose built-in synths are MPE compatible and includes a library of MPE sounds.

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MPN: LinnStrument128

We've just released software version 2.0.0 with the following new features:

  • New Polyphonic 2-Track Step Sequencer!
  • Significantly better velocity response
  • Release velocity. Now LinnStrument is "5D" in Roli-speak. :)
  • 4 new LED colors: white, orange, lime and pink.
  • 14-bit pressure resolution using LSB/MSB Control Change pairs.
  • The MIDI OUT jack can now also act as a combined MIDI OUT and MIDI THRU.
  • Panel and Foot Switches can now be assigned to Tap Tempo.

    Extraordinarily Versatile
  • New Step Sequencer - Use LinnStrument's RGB note pads as a powerful 2-track step sequencer with per-note velocity/duration/bend/y-axis values, any time signature, independent track step sizes and loop lengths, scales/drums/notes views, reverse play, live play while sequence plays, swing timing and more.
  • Expressive Swing Arpeggiator - LinnStrument's built-in Arpeggiator responds to all dimensions of movement for entirely new ways of beat-synced play. The Replay All mode creates chordal rhythms merely by varying chord pressure, and makes LinnStrument the world's only MPE beatbox.
  • Split Keyboard / Strum / CC Faders- You can split the keyboard to play two different sounds, and adjust the split point as you like. You can use one split to strum notes fingered on the other split as like a guitar. Or use either split as eight horizontal Control Change Faders to adjust 8 sound parameters in real time as you play.
  • Low Row - The lowest row of note pads can be reassigned to act as a Sustain Pedal, a Modulation or Bend strip, to momentarily enable the Arpeggiator (sliding your thumb to vary its rate), to restrike a fingered chord, or even as a 3D control strip, modulating three parameters at once.
  • Play on a table or standing - you can play it on a table like a keyboard, by at only 5 pounds (large model) and 1" thin, you can also use the included guitar strap pins to play it standing up like a guitar.
  • Single or Dual Foot Switch Input - Connect a standard single or dual foot switch for foot control of sustain, Arpeggiator, octaves, Tap Tempo, Control Change messages and more.
  • All Settings on front panel / Open Source software - All of LinnStrument's settings are available on the front panel so there's no need to fumble with computer editing software. And even with all of LinnStrument's versatility, we didn't want to limit how people would use it. So we released the software as open source, allowing you to customize everything.

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