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Tama CSH5 Hat Stack

Compact Cymbal Stacker

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The "Hat Stack" is the simplest and most compact cymbal stacker. It allows you to attach a small diameter cymbal to your hi-hat rod with just a drum key. Also, its tiny size - 25 mm (1") diameter x 40 mm (1.5") height - doesn't interfere with your setup and is super easy to carry. The Hat Stack is a great new item that can expand your sound without having to purchase additional clamps.

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UPC: 4549763021953

  • Easily attach a small cymbal to hi-hat rod measuring up to 7mm in diameter
  • Compact size and lightweight for easy transport and storage - 25mm (1") diameter x 40mm (1.5") height
  • Ability to adjust cymbal sustain

    * Make sure to position the black plastic nut on the top. If you put it on the bottom, the cymbal could fall.

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