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Hafler P3100 Reference Amplifier

2-Channel MOSFET 150 Watt Studio Power Amplifier

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Equally at home with the most discerning audiophile as well as with the most demanding studio recording engineer, the Hafler P3100 is a 2-channel quality power amplifier offering rich detail, depth of field, and musicality.

During the 1970's, David Hafler pioneered the use of MOSFETs as a means to approach the even-order sonic character of tubes, while transitioning to the more practical implementation of discrete solid-state electronics. Through the years his designs have proven to be extremely fault-tolerant—even in tough situations. This sturdiness lets the amplifier drive reactive speaker loads without the performance-degrading sound penalties imposed by elaborate protection schemes. Lateral MOSFETs were designed specifically for linear audio amplification with their high speed and superior sonic characteristics compared to the vertical MOSFETs or bipolar output transistors used by many other amplifier manufacturers. Within the P3100 is the latest refinement of the trans•nova (TRANSconductance Nodal Voltage Amplifier, US Patent 4,467,288) circuit that was developed by industry guru Jim Strickland. This circuit squeezes the most out of every component to reduce the gain stages down to 3, in lieu of the 5 stages typically employed by others. The shorter path results in a much more open sounding and realistic sound stage.

A toroidal power transformer has been introduced in this latest iteration, offering a lower output impedance, producing far less noise than a conventional E-lam transformer, and resulting in a tighter, more defined bottom end. Plus, toroidal transformers are inherently self-shielding and so reduce the amount of potential low frequency and rectifier noise introduced into the audio signal path. Passive convection cooling with over-sized heatsinks surround the amplifier, eliminating the need for a fan, thus enabling the P3100 to be used in the most intimate installations. The front panel includes individual level adjustments to offset room imbalances, signal present and ballistic LED metering, along with indicators for faults due to excessive heat or short circuits. A soft start power-on switch protects loudspeakers from turn on transients that could reduce lifespan. The rear panel sports a choice of XLR, ¼" TRS and gold plated RCAs for greater flexibility. Output connections feature gold-plated binding posts that can adapt to all popular speaker cable sizes.

With 150 Watts of available power per channel at 8 Ohms and 200 watts at 4 Ohms, the P3100 has more than enough headroom to drive even the most power-hungry loudspeaker. Bridged in mono, 400 watts are available for sub-woofers or as a matched pair for larger 2-channel setups.

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MPN: P3100
UPC: 676101044337

  • Patented trans•nova technology with lateral MOSFET output topology
  • 150 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms (200 Watts/channel in 4 Ohms)
  • Ultra quiet performance with toroidal transformer and oversized heatsinks
  • Ideally suited for audiophile and professional studio recording

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