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Waves Renaissance Maxx - TDM Digital Download

Renaissance Reverberator, plus the 56bit Renaissance Compressor and 48bit EQ

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It's All New! Version 3 Renaissance Collection TDM: New! Renaissance Reverberator, plus the 56bit Renaissance Compressor and 48bit EQ! Unbeatable sound and power, for a perfect price. This new Renaissance Collection puts the three most-needed processors into your studio: equalization, dynamics, and reverb, all with classic interfaces and profound power "under the hood."


New! Renaissance Reverberator: Classic sound and vintage-style controls for the demands of everyday production, our new reverb is just the new flavor you're looking for. Rich reverb tails plus our 2nd-generation early reflection system gives the density and texture you need.

Renaissance Compressor: Now with 56-bit precision and 24bit dithered output! Exceptional compressor with vintage Opto modeling, plus the exclusive Electro mode. Dramatic dynamic compression, with ARCâ„¢, the world's best auto-release technology. Plus an L1-style limiter in output stage for extra "push" and no clipping.

Renaissance Equalizer: Vintage EQ for rich, clear equalization. This is our highly-praised double-precision resolution equalizer, featuring distinctive emulation of vintage analog EQ sound, without limiting itself to just one model.


-Highest-quality essential tools

-Challenge/response (no more dongle)

-No compromise in sound, interface, or performance

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Includes support for these digidesign protocols: TDM, Realtime AudioSuite (RTAS), AudioSuite
For Native Host Platforms, includes support for these protocols: VST, MAS


* approved digidesign CPU and configuration
* MacOS 8.6.1 or higher
* 800x600 minimum display
* Mix Core/Farms: full support of Pro-FX components
* d24/DSP Farms: PFX+ supported except UltraPitch (1 voice only); Supertap, Doppler, C4, Renaissance Reverberator: no support

Mac Native
* G3 or G4 strongly recommended
* MacOS 8.6.1 or higher
* 64MB for basic
* 96MB for Multi-track
* 800x600 minimum display

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