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High Fidelity Ear Protection

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Ear-Q has revolutionized the earplug market, by providing musicians and music lovers the perfect earplug combination: a durable and reusable foam earplug with a high fidelity acoustic filter.


  • 1. The Ear-Q has a patent pending,
    large membrane filter that minimizes the occlusion effect in your ear - a common problem caused by regular tube filters.
  • 2. Reduces irritation and improves comfort by providing ventilation
    for your ear.
  • 3. Provides a natural and balanced sound experience so that music, speech and surrounding noises
    stay alive.
  • 4. The acoustic filter is water and sweat proof.
  • 5. SNR 17dB protection.

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      WHY FOAM?
    • 1. The durable and reusable Ear-Q
      'slow foam' gives you the best fit, and completely adjusts to your ear to provide optimal protection and comfort.
    • 2. The foam has an inside open air passage that optimizes the musical experience and ventilation of your ear.
    • 3. Ergonomic one-size-fit that covers the sizes Medium to Large.

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