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Daddario PW-CT-12 Micro NS Headstock Tuner

Micro Headstock Clip-On Tuner

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The NS MICRO Headstock Tuner precisely tunes a wide variety of stringed instruments while its low-profile design blends with the aesthetics of your instrument, concealing it from your audience. The highly sensitive piezo transducer and backlit display allow for easy and accurate tuning in noisy, dim or well-lit environments, where other tuners fail. Enjoy effortless and inconspicuous tuning with the NS Mini Headstock Tuner.

Highly Precise, Easy to Read, Clip-On Tuner for Guitar, Mandolin, Bass and More – Wide Calibration Range –Compact Low-Profile Design

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UPC: 019954970390

  • Low profile compact design
  • High sensitivity piezo pickup allows for accurate tuning
  • Easy to read display in both well lit & dark environments
  • Multi-color reversible screen, fits on top or back of headstock
  • Adjustable wide calibration range between 410hz and 480hz
  • Includes visual metronome (20 – 270bpm)

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