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Studio Electronics ATC-Xi Quad Filter System

4 Filters Analog Synthesizer

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Studio Electronics

All the features of the original ATC-X. New...Sine Wave generator on OSC 1. Also switchable amp...
choose between ATC-X amp or classic Moog amp. New look and as always, same Studo Electronics audio quality. NEW!

Voice Architecture
Two voltage controlled discrete analog oscillators
Waveforms OSC1 : sine; sawtooth; variable width square.
Waveforms OSC2 : triangle; sawtooth; variable width square. All waveforms output simultaneously. Osc 2 to syncs to Osc 1.

Discrete analog Ring Modulator
External carrier input for external signal processing (bypasses Oscillator 2 function).

Discrete analog Distortion Circuit
Per patch programmable level control.

Three multiple stage envelope generators
Attack; decay; sustain; release with inverting and multiple triggering. Envelope 1 fixed to filter frequency. Envelope 2 fixed to amplifier level. Envelope 3 is assignable. Oscillator 2 audio frequency modulation (cross-mod). Destinations: Osc 1 frequency; filter frequency.

Two low frequency oscillators
Waveforms: triangle; sawtooth; reverse sawtooth; square; noise; random. Parameters: destination; depth; key trigger; phase; midi sync.

Additional features
White noise generator. External input processor. Exponential glide. Parameters: time; autoglide interval; destination.

MIDI specifications
In and out. Receives: program change; bank select; glide on/off; glide time; volume; sysex. Controllers: dynamics; modwheel; bender; pressure (each with one destination and amount). Fixed continuous controller assignments for all key functions.

Modulation destinations
LFOs 1&2 and envelope 3: VCO 1&2 frequency; pulse width and mix level; VCF frequency and resonance; noise level; Xmod mod amount; LFOs 1&2 rate and depth; VCA level.

MIDI controllers
Modwheel and pressure: all LFO1&2 and envelope 3 destinations including envelopes 1&3 amount. Dynamics: envelopes 1,2&3 amount. Bender: pitch; filter frequency

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  • Voices: one.
  • Audio outputs: one.
  • External Inputs: two. Filter and Ringmod.
  • Ringmod Input: one.
  • Display: 3 digit green LED.
  • Memory: 512 patches in RAM.
  • Interface: 1 digital rotary encoder and 50 membrane switches.
  • Weight: 10 lb..
  • Dimensions: 2 rack spaces, 10 inches deep.
  • Power: 90 - 250 volts AC auto switching.

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