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Coffin Haunted Labs Frost Bite Fuzz

Fuzz Effects Pedal

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Conceived in collaboration with boutique pedal maker Christopher Cozort of Haunted Labs®, Coffin is proud to present our first effects pedal in over 10 years: The Frost Bite Fuzz!

Evoking an ice wraith in a flurry of blinding snow, the Frost Bite features a unique custom silicon fuzz circuit and three rugged knobs (Tone, Fuzz, and Level) designed to forge a versatile and otherworldly range of sounds. Capable of conjuring all the classic fuzz tone you crave, the Frost Bite can also summon some shocking and unusual character… turn the fuzz knob down for a cutting, clean boost, or crank it up to 11 for a furious blizzard of howling fuzz. You’ll probably be more likely to survive a vampire attack or an arctic blizzard than you will be to exhaust all of the possible rich and devilish permutations of tone that the Frost Bite can deliver.

Frost Bite Pedals are engineered and manufactured in the USA, utilizing the finest components available, with exclusive artwork created by artist Martha Wirkijowski and inspired by a frozen nightmare. Entombed in a durable aluminum housing with a traditional low-profile form fac68714tor, the Frost Bite delivers a vortex of apocalyptic fuzz tone without crowding your pedal board. The Frost Bite also features true bypass switching and can be powered by a standard 9V DC adapter.

Against roaring wind and winter’s icy grasp, the fierce sound of the Coffin® Haunted Labs® Frost Bite Pedal cuts through the noise with white-hot abandon.

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UPC: 837022005047

  • Unique custom silicon fuzz circuit
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Three rugged knobs (Tone, Fuzz, Level)
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Powered by standard 9v DC adapter (no battery compartment)
  • ~2.5mA draw
  • 100% pure evil

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