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Hohner How To Play Harmonica... Instantly!

DVD Book & Hohner Harmonica

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"How to Play Harmonica... instantly" is Harmonica Music Publishing Company's comprehensive Diatonic Harmonica instruction course, prepared by Marcos, an endorser of Hohner Harmonicas since 1976. There are over 30 exercises and over 60 all-time favorite tunes and harmonica techniques laid out in the simplest manner possible. The step-by-step course covers straight and cross-harp playing; note "bending;" using the lower, middle and upper C scales; and secrets of recovering those "missing notes" to achieve a full 36 notes on a 10-hole harmonica!

The informative, step-by-step 30 minute instructional course DVD, featuring Marcos, including examples of all of the excercises and songs featured in the accompanying booklet, ESSENTIAL for helping new and experienced students hear the techniques and songs.

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You're never too old, too young, or too busy. Succeed at learning to play, even if you've tried other instruments and given up in frustration. Marcos absolutely guarantees you'll love his Harmonica Learning System. There's not a musical note in sight - just easy-to-follow arrows and numbers. But the results are absolutely astonishing. Look in the mirror, maybe even pinch yourself to see if it's really you. Yes, you're playing the harmonica... What a terrific, feeling!

"Diagrams are excellent. Most harmonica books are not very comprehensive or descriptive of notes and scales. This book's diagrams are very clear. There is a lot of clearly presented information." Steve, Reseda House of Music, Reseda, CA
"It's rare that a method book turns over five times in our first month of stocking." Jack, Ace Music, Santa Ana, CA
"It's a common-sense book. It describes a good technique." Dave, ABK Rocks, Sepulveda, CA
"This is a great package. And it's great for the beginner." Kevin, Guitar Center, San Francisco, CA
"The best harmonica teaching method." Kevins Harps, Bordentown, NJ

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