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Ashly MX-508

Eight Input Stereo Mic Mixer

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The MX-508 is an eight-input stereo rackmountable mixer. Designed for a multitude of applications, the MX-508 has an extensive mix of features for a small unit combined with excellent sound and quiet performance.

The MX-508 features 84 dB of gain to ensure full output with low-level or distant microphones. Several years of research went into the microphone preamp and the result is a discrete circuit with better than -129 dBu Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) and very low distortion. Low and High Shelving EQ combined with mid-band peaking EQ tunable from 140Hz and 8 kHz make for a very flexible tone control. Phantom power of +48 VDC is provided for condenser microphones via a switch on the front panel. Precision input transformers are easily field-installable, and each input has its own 20dB pad switch. Variable gain trim and Mic/Line selection switches are also found on each input channel. Rounding out the list of standard input features are a Peak Clip indicator, two Aux Sends (factory-set with one pre-EQ and level and the other post-EQ and level, these sends may be modified by a qualified technician), In/Out channel patching, Level and Pan controls, and both balanced XLR Microphone and TRS Line inputs.

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- THD at +4 dBu, 20Hz-20KHz <0.05%
- THD at +20dBu, 30Hz-10KHz <0.05%
- IMD (SMPTE) at +20dBu <0.05%
- HUM & NOISE (20Hz-20KHz at max preamp gain)
- Equivalent input hum and noise <-127dBu
- Residual output noise, all levels at minimum <-100dBu
- Master Level and one Ch. Level at nom <-80dBu
- Aux 1 or 2 Out, Aux Master and one Ch. Aux at nom . <-80dBu

- Mic Input to Master Output, 600 ohm load 84dB
- Line Input to Master Output, 600 ohm load 42dB

- Mic Input to Aux Master Output, pre ch. level 76dB
- Mic Input to Aux Master 2 Output, post ch. level 92dB
- SUB Input to Master Output 12dB

- AUX RETURNS 1 or 2 to Master Output 30dB
- TAPE/CD In to Master Output 34dB

- 20Hz-20KHz +0.5/-1.0dB
- 50Hz-10KHz +0/-0.5dB

- Low ±12dB at 70Hz, shelving
- Mid ±12dB peaking, 140Hz-8KHz
- High . ±12dB at 15KHz, shelving

- Adjacent inputs, 20Hz-20KHz <-65dB
- Mic Input to Master Output, 1KHz <-65dB
- Mic Input to Master Output, 20KHz <-55dB

- VU METERS (Selectable to Main or Aux Outputs) 0VU = +4dBu
- PEAK INDICATORS Indicator on Inputs, L & R outputs, lights 3dB below clipping

- (+48 VDC applied to all Mic Inputs, switchable on front panel)
- Maximum total current draw = 80mA.
- Maximum single channel current draw = 14mA.
- Gradual power-up and down to eliminate "pops".

- SHIPPING WEIGHT 20 lbs. maximum with 8 input transformer options installed
- POWER REQUIREMENTS 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 35 watts
- DIMENSIONS: 19" wide x 5.25" high x 8.0" deep.

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