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Denon DN-2100F


DJ Double CD Player w/ Loop Memory

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2 Seamless Loops (per drive)
By using the start points (A-1 or A-2) you can easily create two
seamless loops by jumping from one point (A1) to another (A2).
The two loops can be set anywhere within the same disc.
2 Hot Starts/Stutter (per drive)
Hot Start playback gives you the power of controlling two different
CUE points ‘on the fly' and seamlessly. Excellent for slam-mixing
from one track to another and for ‘same track' real-time remixing.
In Stutter mode, the same two CUE points are utilized for ‘cue point
sampling'. Momentary audio can be started instantly when either ‘A'
button is pressed and held down. If this is done repeatedly, a stutter
sound of a vocal or beat is simply achieved
In Brake mode, the playing speed comes to a quick halt, simulating
the STOP function on a DJ turntable. In Plat-S mode, it simulates a
dragging sound of a turntable when it's power has been purposely
turned OFF or ON.
Key Adjust
Changing playback speed has always meant changing the key of the
music, but those days are now over. Key Adjust lets you change the
speed without changing the vocal key.
This ‘World's First' feature by Denon gives you the ability to ‘scratch'
in real-time as you would with a vinyl record on a turntable.
Digital Outputs: SPDIF
The digital outputs are used for direct digital dubbing to a digital
recorder, such as a MiniDisc, DAT or CD-R device. It can also be
used for direct connection to an outboard digital processor or mixing
Fader Start
This function provides playback control of our CD drives via the cross
fader on a compatible fader start mixer. Up to 4 different CUE points
can be controlled instantly and seamlessly just by using the cross
fader. (World's First)
Jog Bend/Pitch Bend (±18%)
Pitch bend provides momentary pitch change in order to fine tune your
beats while beat mixing. The DN-2100F is controlled not only by buttons,
but with the jog wheel as well.
Large Jog/Shuttle wheels
These 60 mm wheels were specially designed by Denon to give you
the most optimum feel and performance.
Large FL tube displays with large characters
Track Select Knob
Tracks can be selected by turning the knob 360 degrees in either
direction. By pressing the knob and turning it at the same time, you
can increment 10 tracks at a time.
Disc Tray LED
This bright L.E.D. provides illumination over the disc trays when the
drawers are opened, also giving a visual warning to protect the trays
from accidental damage in low light environments.
Auto Disc Tray Close System
The disc tray closes automatically when left open. This will prolong
the useful life of internal parts from smoke and dust.
Instant Start

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MPN: DN-2100F

Type Dual CD Player
Audio Channels 2 channels (Stereo)
Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz (Normal Pitch)
Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Analog outputs (1 kHz, 0 dB playback)
Transfer and connector Unbalanced, RCA connector
Output level 2.0 Vrms, 10 kohm
Digital output
Transfer and connector Coaxial
Signal format SPDIF
Power supply AC120 V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption 21 W
Player unit 482 (W) x 88 (H) x 252 (D) mm
Remote control unit 482 (W) x 88 (H) x 80 (D) mm
Player unit 6.0 kg
Remote control unit 1.5 kg
Standard Accessories
Pin connected cord 2 pairs
Remote connecting cable 1 pc
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Shock Proof Memory (10 seconds per drive)
This guards against audible interruptions due to external mechanical
shocks such as bumps or other hard vibrations, which is especially
helpful for the mobile DJ as well as for nightclub-installed applications.
Playback mode selection button (SINGLE/CONT)
Sleep function
Auto protects the CD mechanism from overuse.This function will auto-matically
shut down the drives after a period of inactivity. Similar to a
screen saver on a computer.
Platter Hold (Plat-H)
Extreme playback speeds can be changed by using the inner Jog wheel.
The maximum range of change is -50% to +40%.
Bar segment display
A 10-segment track time display shows at-a-glance the current playback
position within the playing track.
E.O.M. (end of track alert)
Pitch Lock (locks the pitch from being changed once set)
Pitch Slider (±10.0% or ±16.0%)
Power On Play
With 2 CD's loaded, continuous unattended playback is possible.
Great for restaurants, bars and nightclubs at opening time.
Repeat Play
Single Repeat and Continuous Repeat playback are possible.
During Repeat Play, the silent spaces between tracks are cut.
Relay Playback
Sets the machine to ìauto pilotî and plays tracks from drive to drive
automatically. Great for the cocktail hour or dinner time when the DJ
needs to take a brake.
User Adjustable Presets
- ASP Mode: Seamless Loop*/DigiScratch
- Auto Cue: ON*/OFF
- Pitch Range: Pitch % (16/10*)
- Digital Out: ON/OFF*
- E.O.M: OFF*/EOM sec. (10/15/20/30/60/90)
- Auto Tray Close: Close OFF/Close (10/30*/60).
- Power On Play: ON/OFF*
- Play Mode: Single*/Continuous
- Time Mode: Elapsed*/Remain/T.Elapsed/T.Remain
- Preset Clear: ON/OFF

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