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DM24         Demo

Digital mixing console

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The TASCAM DM-24 digital mixer that combines 24-bit, 96kHz audio quality with highly flexible routing, extremely powerful built-in automation, built-in professional-quality effects, dynamics processing and parametric EQ. To make the DM-24 the ideal companion for serious recorders like the MX-2424, TASCAM engineers used a custom 32-bit floating point processor to ensure true 24-bit performance throughout the digital signal path. Whether you’re mixing for standard CD mastering or more advanced applications in surround encoding or DVD authoring, the DM-24’s superb audio quality blows away the standards in affordable digital mixing.
You don’t need a computer for the DM-24’s awesome automation...it’s all built in. Up

to eight entire mixes can be stored in the DM-24. Once a new mix is opened, the DM-24 automatically goes into its automation mode so that any static changes you make are instantly saved, and you can offload all automation data via MIDI. The DM-24 offers 16 analog inputs with XLR mic and TRS line inputs on each channel as well as 24 channels of TDIF interfacing plus eight channels of ADAT Optical I/O, two stereo AES/EBU and two stereo S/PDIF interfaces. Two option slots are also provided for additional 8-channel analog and digital interface modules or a cascade module.

The DM-24 also features highly-configurable gates, fully-parametric 4-band EQs and compression on each channel. Plus, we’ve enlisted the help of companies like TC Works and Antares to offer high-quality reverb, mic modeling and speaker modeling for the DM-24. Fully adjustable to your tastes, the DM-24’s effects are of high enough quality for crucial tracks with the convenience of being an integral part of the mixer itself.

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• Perfect companion mixer for any Multi Track Recorder

• Fully 24-bit, 96kHz compatible from day one

• Flexible 32-channel/8-bus console with 6 aux sends

• Included digital I/O: 24 channels of TDIF, 8 channels of ADAT, (2) two channel AES/EBU and (2) two channel S/PDIF

• 16 new mic pres, 16 balanced mic/line inputs on XLR & TRS jacks and 16 inserts

• (2) option slots for additional interface modules (AES/EBU, TDIF, ADAT & Analog) or a Cascade module for linking two DM-24s together.

• Powerful built-in automation (no computer required)

• High-quality, configurable Compressor and four band, parametric EQ on each channel. Channels 1-16 also feature a high quality Gate/Expander

• (2) built-in effects processors with reverb, spatial effects and mic/speaker modeling effects by TC WorksT, AntaresT and TASCAM

• Comprehensive user interface, featuring large LCD screen and LED ring encoder

• 100mm touch-sensitive moving faders

• Optional MU-24 meter bridge (MSRP: $995 USD)

• 4 assignable sends and returns also configurable as inserts for tape return path

• Phantom power switchable in groups of four

Key 2.01 features include:

· HUI Emulation

· 60 inputs at mixdown

· Nearly unlimited routing

· New 5.1 surround panning

· New MIDI fader layer

*Meterbridge not included

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