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E M Winston 52 Alto Saxophone

52 Alto Saxophone

Alto Sax

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E M Winston

For years there’s been a void in the selection of alto saxophones available in most music stores. There are usually plenty of student instruments to choose from in a variety of brands and prices; and there’s certainly no shortage of professional altos, with several thousand dollars being a normal price. There are even a few intermediate saxes with the auxiliary keys and features advanced players need at a lower price than the pro models. Even so, these are usually far more expensive than student instruments - often close to twice the price. Leave it to the affordable instrument leader, E. M. Winston, to fill the gap. With the outrageously low price Winston charges for a student horn, it’s no surprise they were able to create an intermediate instrument - complete with those extra keys - for less than most other brands’ lowest-priced saxes. If you’re a player who has progressed beyond a student model, but don’t want to spend thousands on an advanced version, the Winston 52 alto sax is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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A high-F# key and a spatula- or lever-style front-F key are the most obvious ways to distinguish between a student saxophone and a more-advanced model. The Winston 52 has both, of course, but it offers other refined features that are less visually obvious. The body is made of a lighter metal than a student instrument for a brighter tone. Power-forged keys made in Japan offer excellent precision and a balanced feel. The premium pads provide solid seating and long-life. Gold lacquer on the neck, body, and keys gives the Winston 52 the sleek look of a pro horn. The complete outfit includes a mouthpiece with cap and ligature, neckstrap, cork grease, and a deluxe case.

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