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E M Winston Presidential 364 Soprano Saxophone

Presidential 364 Soprano Saxophone

Semi-Curved Soprano Saxophone w/Two Necks

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E M Winston

Winston’s pro-style Presidential of soprano saxes offers a configuration and finish for every musical and visual personality. The 364 semi-curved models offer all the advantages of a straight soprano, with a twist. The bell is canted forward, giving it a slightly mellower sound that still projects beautifully.

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Winston’s Presidential sopranos offer a host of features that are unheard of on other saxes in this range. A high-F# key, and pro-style front-F spatula extend the range and facilitate upper-register excursions. Like all Winston instruments, the 364 is built with quality components from around the globe; power-forged French keys are wedded to a durable body and neck from one of Taiwan?s premier production facilities.

The semi-curved 364 not only produces a darker, rounder tone than a straight model, but many players find it easier to hear themselves with this configuration. This soprano is easy to hold and operate with its raised palm keys, deluxe rollers, large thumbrest and oversized pinky table. Two neck options allow players to explore a greater tonal variety. The included straight neck provides the bright, direct timbre that many jazz and commercial players prefer, while the curved neck (also included) further softens and warms the sound for a more intimate feel.

The 364 is available with body and neck finished in either elegant gold lacquer or contemporary jet black. Either way, the keys are finished in gold lacquer for smooth feel and protection against corrosion. This complete outfit includes a deluxe hard-shell case, an American-made plastic mouthpiece with ligature and cap, neckstrap, and cork grease.

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