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TC Electronic M-One XL

Dual-Engine 24-Bit Multi Effects Processor

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TC Electronic

The essence of the M-One XL, the XL Technology, is based on TC's heritage and continual research and development of Reverb technology. XL Reverbs feature new and improved spatial perspectives, across the entire range of Reverb algorithms.

XL technology benefits from the TC reverb heritage and takes advantage of both complex early reflection patterns and dense reverb decays in order to bring more natural and useful reverbs to all applications. This technological development combined with XLR connectors makes the M-One XL well suited for live situations. It comes loaded with 200 high-grade factory presets and can store up to 100 favorite presets in the user bank. Multi-effects include a wide range of reverbs, delays, and choruses. Also includes flanger, gate, expander, de-esser, tremolo, and phaser. Special drum verbs bring out the best in live drums.

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MPN: 960000111

- XL reverb technology
- Early reflections, diffused fields, and modulations
- Realistically simulates small rooms
- 200 high-grade factory presets
- Stores up to 100 favorite presets in the user bank
- Includes reverbs, delays, choruses, flanger, gate, expander, de-esser, tremolo, and phaser
- XLR connectors

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