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Studio Projects Studio Projects TB1

Studio Projects TB1

Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser

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Studio Projects

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The TB1 is a vacuum tube (valve) microphone incorporating the philosophy that the best microphones use high quality, yet minimal components, along with hand selected tubes. Using the finest available materials to build the best possible capsule, the Studio Projects TB1 achieves this philosophy and more. Valve microphones have long been appreciated by studio engineers for their warm yet natural sound. The Studio Projects TB1 provides audiophile sound engineers with the classic vacuum tube design combined with today’s better quality components.

The circuit design of the TB1 uses as few components as necessary to prevent added noise and coloration. A special hand selected 6072 "dual triode" vacuum tube is used to ensure consistency. The TB1 is powered by a dedicated AC power supply (DJ8). The TB1 provides the warm transparent sound associated with an expensive quality vacuum tube preamplifier. This perceived sound characteristic has been very popular and sought after for vocals and instrumentation soloists.

The TB1 is the absolute stand alone value in it’s price class comparing to models costing as much as $3,000.00. There is no better value on today’s market at any price, and the TB1 is so affordable, every professional and project studio can afford one, or a pair for stereo recording or more.

It will enhance any professional or project studio application at an unbelievable low price. As a result of uncompromising dedication and today’s advanced production abilities, Studio Projects has broken the barrier of quality vs price for today’s recording studio environment.

Being versatile is the key in the recording arena, and the Studio Projects B1 is no exception. Equipped with a true 1" 3 um gold sputtered large diaphragm in a pressure gradient transducer capsule, the B1 will deliver the finest quality of vocal and instrumentation recordings in a wide variety of applications while offering a natural extended transparent high end, yet offer the thick bodied low end expected from a quality microphone.

Includes SPSK Shock Mount

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• Pressure-Gradient Transducer, Dual 1" 3 um mylar capsule
• Cardioid Pattern
• Transformer Output
• 6072 Dual Triode Tube

• A superb vocal microphone with warm natural transparent character
• Great for overhead choirs, strings, pianos & percussion
• Great for production, broadcast, and voice over work
• Perfect for the professional and home project studio

• Foam windscreen
• Mic Stand Clip
• 7pin interface cable
• Power supply
• Aluminum carrying case

1" large 3 micron diaphragm vacuum tube.

Polar pattern:

Frequency response:

25mV/Pa (-32dB re 0dB=1V/Pa)

Output impedance:
<250 Ohm.

Load impedance:
>1000 Ohm.

Maximum SPL:
128 dB SPL(@1000Hz,<1% THD).

16 dB-A

78 dB.

Power requirment:
Supplied Power Supply (DJ8) 110/220

Current :
200V 1mA, 6.3V 150mA

Gold-plated 7-pin XLR

2.1" length

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