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Focusrite Clarett + 2Pre USB Audio Interface

10-in / 4-Out USB Audio Interface

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Whether recording vocals and instruments or composing in the box, Clarett+ 2Pre is the audibly impressive, pure-sounding, bus-powered* USB-C interface for PC and Mac to take with you on your creative journey.

Two Clarett+ mic preamps -- featuring all-analogue Air with impedance switching and relay control -- capture superbly clear recordings with high headroom, low distortion and ultra-low noise. Two JFET instrument inputs let you plug straight in and preserve the natural tone of your guitar, just like plugging into an amplifier.

Independent A-D and D-A converters bring you closer than ever to your music and let you hear the truth, whether you're in the studio or on the road. Greatly improved D-A dynamic range enables you to hear every detail and have greater control over your mix. Lower A-D converter distortion lets you capture signals with more clarity, for greater transparency and sonic accuracy.

Clarett+ 2Pre is the interface that accompanies you as you grow. It's expandable using ADAT, so you can connect devices such as Clarett OctoPre for a 10-input tracking environment.

- Two professional quality Clarett+ preamps: Capture clear and powerful recordings with preamps that bring masses of headroom, low distortion and ultra-low noise.
- Make vocals shine with All-analogue Air: Premium, relay-controlled analogue circuitry on every preamp emulates the classic Focusrite ISA 110 by switching the impedance to 2.2kΩ and adding two cumulative high shelves, totalling a 4dB boost in the high frequencies.
- New and improved A-D and D-A converters: Capture more accurate recordings wherever you are, with extremely high-performance, independent A-D and D-A converters that deliver extremely low noise, low distortion and high dynamic range.
- Powerful and transparent headphone output: Create your best mixes and recordings, and inspire amazing performances with an improved headphone output that provides a flat frequency response at all levels with any type of headphones.
- JFET instrument inputs: Dedicated, ultra-high-impedance JFET instrument inputs, with extremely wide audio bandwidth, mimic guitar amp inputs to preserve the natural tone of guitars and capture their true character.
- ADAT optical input: Expand Clarett+ 2Pre to make the most of ADAT-compatible outboard equipment such as Clarett OctoPre, with eight channels of digital expandability: perfect for every stage of your creative journey.
- USB-C bus powered: USB-C connection provides bus power. *15W USB-C port required for bus-powered operation.
- Software bundle: Get studio-grade results with the included bundle of mixing plug-ins and virtual instruments.
- Focusrite Plug-in Collective: Register to receive regular discounts and exclusive versions of the most innovative software titles.
- Focusrite Control: Easy-to-use and feature-packed software for PC, Mac and iOS devices gives you complete control over all aspects of Clarett+.

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UPC: 815301001416

  • Mic Inputs:
    - Frequency Response: 20-20kHz < 0.03dB
    - Frequency Response: 20-35kHz < 0.15dB
    - Dynamic Range: (min gain) 118dB
    - THD+N: (-1dBFS, +20dB gain) -110dB
    - Noise EIN: -129dBu
    - Max input level: 18dBu
    - Gain range: +57dB
  • Line Inputs (Variable):
    - Frequency Response: 20-20kHz < 0.05dB
    - Frequency Response: 20-35kHz < 0.15dB
    - Dynamic Range: (min gain) 118dB
    - THD+N: (-1dBFS, min gain) -100dB
    - Max input level: 26dBu
    - Gain range: +57dB
  • Line Inputs (Fixed):
    - Frequency Response: 20-20kHz < 0.05dB
    - Frequency Response: 20-35kHz < 0.15dB
    - Dynamic Range: 118dB
    - THD+N: (-1dBFS) -100dB
    - THD+N: (-6dBFS) -105dB
    - Max input level: +18dBu
  • Instrument Inputs:
    - Frequency Response: 20-20kHz < 0.04dB
    - Frequency Response: 20-35kHz < 0.15dB
    - Dynamic Range: 116dB
    - THD+N: (-1dBFS, min gain) -96dB
    - THD+N: (-1dBFS, min gain) -96.5dB
    - Max input level: 15dBu
    - Gain range: +57dB
  • Line & Mon Outputs:
    - Frequency Response: 20-20kHz < 0.02dB
    - Frequency Response: 20-35kHz < 0.02dB
    - Dynamic Range: 124dB
    - Max Output level: 18dBu
    - THD+N: -106dB
  • Headphone Outputs:
    - Frequency Response: 20-20kHz <0.06dB
    - Frequency Response: 20-35kHz <0.07dB
    - Dynamic Range: 118dB
    - THD+N: -104dB
    - Max Output level: 16dBu
  • Weight: 3.11 lbs (with accessories), 2.45 lbs (without accessories)
    Dimensions (H X W X D): 2.17" x 6.34" x 8.27"

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