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Alesis 3630

Pro-quality dual compressor/limiter with gate.

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Great compression makes a huge difference in your music; it can turn a mediocre demo into a processional-qulity production. The 3630 Compressor is designed as a high quality, versatile compression unit which can use live or in the studio with consistent results. The 3630 is a dual-channel compressor that offers Ratio, Threshold, Attack, and Decay controls to handle the toughtest signals.

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MPN: 3630

(Each channel) Input Impedance:
greater than 100k ohms, unbalanced

Max. Input Level:
10VRMS (+22dBu)

Dynamic Range:
118dB, A-weighted

Signal to Noise Ratio:

18dB <0.05% @ +4dBu, A-weighted with 6dB compression, any switch setting, nominal attack and release times

<0.05% @ +4dBu, A-weighted with 6dB compression, any switch setting, nominal attack and release times

Threshold of Limiting:
-40dBu to +20dBu

Peak Mode Attack Time:
0.1ms - 200ms

Peak Mode Release Time:
50ms - 3S

RMS Average Mode Attack and Release Times:
Program dependent

Compression Ratio:
1:1 - :1 with selectable hard or soft compression knee

Gate Threshold:
Continuously open to 10dBu

Gate Rate Time:
20ms - 2S

Output Impedance:
470, unbalanced

Output Gain Control Range:
-20 to +20dB

Nominal Output "Zero" Level:
+4dBu or -10dBV, switchable

12-segment gain reduction LED display with -1 to -30dB range, 12 segment LED input/output (selectable) level display with -30 to +6dB range, Gate open/close LEDs

Additional Controls:
Stereo/dual mono link switch, bypass switch

Input Connectors:
1/4" phone jack

Output Connectors:
1/4" phone jack

Sidechain Connectors:
1/4" TRS jack

Power Requirements:
External 9 VAC Transformer, UL and CSA Approved

(WxHxD) 19"x1.75"x4"

2.6 lbs.

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