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RME Audio Multiface II

36-channel Multi Audio Interface

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RME Audio

The RME Multiface offers the best possible performance in terms of low-latency operation and CPU load, due to its PCI interface, which still surpasses current technologies like FireWire. Reason enough to apply the latest technological developments to an update of the Multiface, thus making a proven product even better.

The new Multiface II stays 100% compatible with the current model's firmware and driver. It offers the same set of features, settings, and the same low-latency, zero-CPU-load performance.

The reference level of the analog inputs and outputs can now be changed with two separate switches on the front panel, and no longer requires changing an internal jumper setting.

The ADAT Sync interface (D-sub) on the back of the unit has been removed, since it is hardly being used any more. The added space allowed to move the analog TRS jacks further apart, so that even eight Neutrik jacks now fit side by side. Additionally, the cable hook known from other RME products, used to secure power and audio cables, has been added.

The new professional enclosure has the same design and depth as the one of the RME ADI-2. This allows for a more generous board layout, improving technical specifications and facilitating production. Despite an increased number of components and improved quality of others, the price of the Multiface remains unchanged.

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UPC: 000888885027

• 36-channel 24-bit/96kHz HDSP I/O.

• Intelligent clock control according to operational mode and present/desired sample rate.

• Bitclock PLL; the most reliable receiver circuit for ADAT optical signal.

• Input signal monitoring independent from clock mode and sample rate.

• Professional status and level display at lowest CPU load.

• Intelligent Clock Control measures and displays of all incoming and used clocks.

• Change latency on-the-fly under ASIO, without manual reset or re-boot.

• Surveillance and sample accurate synchronization of all channels.

• Comparison and display of all input's clock status.

• TotalMix mixes all inputs and all outputs on all outputs. Several independent submixes possible.

• Automatic monitoring of the input signal with zero latency.

• 8 analog line I/Os with 24 Bit/96kHz conversion.

• 1 ADAT digital I/O.

• 1 SPDIF digital I/O.

• 1 x Word clock I/O.

• MIDI I/O high-speed MIDI.

• Hi-Power headphone output for independent submix.

• Dynamic range analog AD: 115 dBA, DA: 120 dBA.

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