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Shure A15PRS


XLR Switchable Phase Reverser

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This unit permits instant switch selection of either normal or reversed phase (polarity) in any balanced line (including microphone or line level) cable. The phase reverser can also be used to connect unbalanced high impedance microphones with the "hot" conductor on pin 3 to inputs with the hot connector on pin 2 or vice versa.

The A15PRS is symmetrical and can be used in either direction

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UPC: 042406053976

Switchable phase reverser provides instant switch selection of normal or reversed phase of a balanced line without modification of equipment.
Reverses polarity of pins 2 and 3 of a balanced line
Slender, in-line XLR (F) to XLR (M) configuration; may be used in reverse
Requires use of balanced signals

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