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Roland VS8F-2

Dual Stereo FX Card for V-Studios

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User-installable effects expansion board which gives VM-7200/7100/VS-2480/2400/1880/1680/VSR-880 owners two stereo multi-effects processors containing 240 Preset Patches and 200 User Patches; Includes a variety of studio reverbs, delays and chorus effects as well as innovative new effects like Speaker Modeling; Up to three boards can be installed into the VM-7200/7100, yielding eight stereo or 16 mono effects.

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VS8F-2 Preset Effect Patch List

Reverb (18 presets)

P000 RV:LargeHall
P001 RV:SmallHall
P002 RV:Strings
P003 RV:PianoHall
P004 RV:Orch Room
P005 RV:VocalRoom
P006 RV:MediumRm
P007 RV:LargeRoom
P008 RV:CoolPlate
P009 RV:Short Plt
P010 RV:Vocal Plt
P011 RV:Soft Amb.
P012 RV:Room Amb.
P013 RV:Cathedral
P014 RV:Long Cave
P015 RV:GarageDr.
P016 RV:Rock Kick
P017 RV:RockSnare
Gate Reverb (4 presets)

P018 RV:BriteGate
P019 RV:Fat Gate
P020 RV:ReverseGt
P021 RV:PanningGt
Delay (9 presets)

P022 DL:Short Dly
P023 DL:MediumDly
P024 DL:LongDelay
P025 DL:AnalogDly
P026 DL:Tape Echo
P027 DL:Karaoke
P028 DL:Multi-Tap
P029 DL:MltTapAmb
P030 DL:Ping Pong
Vocal (10 presets)

P031 VO:Vocal Efx
P032 VO:JazzVocal
P033 VO:RockVocal
P034 VO:Narration
P035 VO:BigChorus
P036 VO:Club DJ
P037 VO:AM-Radio
P038 VO:PlusTwo
P039 VO:Robot Efx
P040 VO:Bull Horn
Guitar Amp Simulator (9 presets)

P052 GA:JazChorus
P053 GA:CleanTwin
P054 GA:Vin.Tweed
P055 GA:BluesDrv.
P056 GA:MatchLead
P057 GA:StudioCmb
P058 GA:JMP-Stack
P059 GA:SLDN Lead
P060 GA:5150 Lead
Bass (5 presets)

P061 BS:DI’edBass
P062 BS:MikedBass
P063 BS:CompBass
P064 BS:Auto Wah
P065 BS:EFX Bass
Stereo Multi (5 presets)

P066 CL:Comp
P067 CL:Limiter
P068 EQ:Loudness
P069 EQ:Fat Dance
P070 EQ:ThinJingl
Chorus/Flanger/Phaser/Pitch Shifter (9 presets)

P071 CH:Lt Chorus
P072 CH:Deep Cho
P073 CH:DetuneCho
P074 FL:LtFlanger
P075 FL:Deep Fl
P076 PH:Lt Phaser
P077 PH:DeepPhase
P078 PS:-4thVoice
P079 PS:ShimmerUD
Same as Algorithm (20 presets)

P080 Reverb
P081 Delay
P082 StDly-Chorus
P083 StPS-Delay
P084 Vocoder
P085 2ch RSS
P086 Delay RSS
P087 Chorus RSS
P088 GuitarMulti1
P089 GuitarMulti2
P090 GuitarMulti3
P091 Vocal Multi
P092 Rotary
P093 GuitarAmpSim
P094 St Phaser
P095 St Flanger
P095 St Flanger
P097 Gate Reverb
P098 MultiTapDly
P099 Stereo Multi
Reverb2 (20 presets)

P100 R2:LargeHall
P101 R2:SmallHall
P102 R2:Strings
P103 R2:PianoHall
P104 R2:Orch Room
P105 R2:VocalRoom
P106 R2:MediumRm
P107 R2:LargeRoom
P108 R2:CoolPlate
P109 R2:Short Plt
P110 R2:Vocal Plt
P111 R2:Soft Amb.
P112 R2:Room Amb.
P113 R2:Cathedral
P114 R2:Long Cave
P115 R2:GarageDr.
P116 R2:Rock Kick
P117 R2:RockSnare
P118 R2:BriteGte2
P119 R2:Fat Gate2
Mic Simulator (22 presets)

P120 MS:57’58
P121 MS:57’421
P122 MS:57’451
P123 MS:57’87
P124 MS:57’47
P125 MS:57’Line
P126 MS:DR20’421
P127 MS:DR20’451
P128 MS:DR20’87
P129 MS:10’58
P130 MS:10’87
P131 MS:Mini’57
P132 MS:Mini’87
P133 MS:Kick&Snr1
P134 MS:Kick&Snr2
P135 MS:H.Hat&Tom
P136 MS:Dr.OvrTop
P137 MS:Dr.OvrAll
P138 MS:Ac.Guitar
P139 MS:StudioVcl
P140 MS:StereoMic
P141 MS:Ambience
Parametric Equalizer (26 presets)

P142 PEQ:BassDrum
P143 PEQ:RockBD
P144 PEQ:RockSD
P145 PEQ:RimShot
P146 PEQ:Toms
P147 PEQ:Hi Hat
P148 PEQ:Cymbals
P149 PEQ:Overhead
P150 PEQ:Bass 1
P151 PEQ:Bass 2
P152 PEQ:SlapBass
P153 PEQ:Sax
P154 PEQ:Bari.Sax
P155 PEQ:ElecGtr
P156 PEQ:NylonGtr
P157 PEQ:BluesGtr
P158 PEQ:SlideGtr
P159 PEQ:LineGtr
P160 PEQ:Male
P161 PEQ:RockMale
P162 PEQ:Female
P163 PEQ:RockFeml
P164 PEQ:Narrator
P165 PEQ:Organ
P166 PEQ:St.Piano
P167 PEQ:SmallCho
P168 GEQ:TotalEQ1
P169 GEQ:TotalEQ2
P170 GEQ:Space EQ
Space Chorus (3 presets)

Special Effects(16 presets)

P174 LFP:BreakBts
P175 LFP:1bitDist
P176 LFP:TeknoFlt
P177 LFP:Reso Flt
P178 LFP:FatBotom
P179 VT:M to Fm (voice transformer)
P180 VT:Fm to M (voice transformer)
P181 VT:Male Duo (voice transformer)
P182 VT:FemaleDuo (voice transformer)
P183 VT:Robot (voice transformer)
P184 VOC2:M19Band
P185 VOC2:S19Band
P186 HC:Quiet60Hz
P187 HC:Quiet50Hz
P188 VC:Vocal Cnl
P189 VC:CenterCnl
Same as Algorithm (14 presets)

P190 Reverb2
P191 Space Chorus
P192 Lo-Fi Proces
P193 ParametricEQ
P194 Graphic EQ
P195 Hum Canceler
P196 Vocal Cancel
P197 Voice Trans
P198 Vocoder2 (19 band)
P199 MicSimulator
P200 3BndIsolator
P201 TapeEcho201
P202 AnalogFlnger
P203 AnalogPhaser
Tape Echo 201 (4 presets)

P204 TE:ShortEcho
P205 TE:LongEcho
P206 TE:OldTape
P207 TE:PanEcho
Analog Flanger (1 preset)

P208 AF:SBF-325
Analog Phaser (1 preset)

P209 AP:FB-Phaser

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