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Rocktron VooDu Valve

VooDu Valve

Tube Driven Programmable 24-Bit DSP Guitar Preamp With Effects

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Announcing the newVooDu Valve On-Line, featuring presets that were created by "real world" Rocktron VooDu Valve owners, including popular artists like Gary Hoey, Neil Zaza, and more. These presets were submitted to us by VooDu Valve owners from all over the world and are found in our revolutionary Patch Bay. the worlds first downloadable presets for guitar players!

The VooDu Valve™ is the first preamp in Rocktron history to combine our world renowned DSP effects processing with tube technology. The VooDu will define new standards, giving you the warmth and clarity of your favorite old "plexi" or "pre-CBS" combo in a convenient single-rack package. What makes the VooDu Valve unique is that you can choose "high" and "low" tube gain selections depending on how much tube break-up you want for your application. If you want an ultra-clean tone with a sharp edge and minimal distortion, select "low" tube gain presets. If your tone requires a tinge of dirt, dial up "high" tube gain selections and run minimal digital distortion to get natural medium-saturated tones reminiscent of a maxed out half stack. And for you "gain-heads", run "high" tube gain with digital clipping...you have to hear this!

The preamp section also contains many totally usable features such as Variac, Triode, Pentode and Solid State voicings. With a four band full parametric post EQ section and comprehensive pre EQ section, you will never run into a dead-end when EQing your presets (as you will with bargain preamps). The possibilities are endless. - effects on the VooDu Valve will not wash out your tone or leave you waiting while switching presets. They sound amazingly close to many of your favorite analog pedals without the hassle. Effects include two-tap chorusing, dual- mode phaser, two-tap flanger, compression, frequency programmable wah-wah, tremolo, reverb, echo-like delay featuring unique tap tempo mode, pitch shift, and HUSH® noise reduction placed after the preamp and before the effects where it should be, (no noise reduction after the effects as you find with cheaper, noisier preamps).

Of course, the VooDu Valve is studio and stage ready with XLR balanced outs (with level control) and 1/4" outs. Speaker simulation is taken to an art form on this preamp since it provides parameters for techniques commonly used by sound engineers, including mic placement, speaker size selection and our patented Reactance parameter. All MIDI functions have been employed including eight parameter continuous control and mapping. Plug into our new All Access® foot controller and many new time-saving MIDI extras will come to light, such as pre-assigned effect controller on/off functions, boost option and titles that automatically transfer from the VooDu Valve to the All Access.

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Input impedance 470K ohms, output impedance <150 ohms, maximum input/output level +20dBu, MIDI in 7 pin DIN, power requirements 9VAC 3400mA, dimentions 19" x 1.75" x 7", UL and CSA approved operation
VooDu Valve™ is a trademark of Rocktron Corporation.
All Access® and HUSH® are registered trademarks of Rocktron Corporation.

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