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Ik Multimedia Studio Bundle

Studio Bundle

AmpliTube, SampleTank 1.1 XL & T-RackS

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Ik Multimedia

The Studio Bundle offers everything you need for
state-of-the-art, easy-to-use plug-in music production… and saves you a bundle.

The Studio Bundle includes a complete music production suite:

• AmpliTube™ powerful guitar amp and fx plug-in.
• SampleTank® 1.1 XL plug-in sound module with 450 superb sounds.
• T-RackS® plug-in analog-modeled all-in-one mastering solution.

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UPC: 8025813054035

IK Studio Bundle is ideal for 360° professional or project music production and offers the perfect solution for playing, recording and arranging your own music. The savings package includes all the instruments needed in a high-quality recording and post-production studio. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you play, the IK Studio Bundle Suite makes it easy to create superb-quality sounds and productions.

AmpliTube™ has received worldwide awards as the best guitar amp and fx modeling software available. This unique software warms digital sounds, delivers powerhouse distortion, and allows you to tailor tones with amazing ease and accuracy.

SampleTank® 1.1 XL has become the industry standard sound module. It gives you lighting fast access to an arsenal of thousands of high-quality multi-sampled sounds.

T-RackS® is the world’s most complete analog mastering plug-in. It can turn your masters into “gold,” add warmth and breath to your mix tracks, and help launch your music to the top.
Keep your focus on the music. The IK Studio Bundle does the rest.

For Mac or PC
Includes: - AmpliTube Plug-In- SampleTank 1.1 XL- T-RackS Plug-In
6 CD-ROM. Single Box. Printed Manual included.

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